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Microsoft power automate update null value in lookup

I was working on a power automate where I needed to check if a value is null or not then update look up values. One option was to check in every if/else statement but thats too messy and lengthy. You … Read More

In line if statement in MS Flow (power automate)

Recently I was working on a requirement where I had to clone a record and record had 50+ fields and some of the fields were look up. Flow (power automate) sounded a perfect solution for this purpose however I ran … Read More

Hiding empty section on form in CRM 4.0

To hide a section where it has one or more attributes in it we can sue javascript code below to hide section = “none”; However in case where we have a section which is being used only to display … Read More

Fire plugin from Ribbon – Header in CRM 2015 by calling Action

I recently had a requirement where client wanted to fire a Plugin on demand in CRM 2015 i.e. from a button in header, something like next to Assign a new button Publish Here is a little background about the requirements … Read More

CRM 2015 Display ribbon button on existing record using Ribbon Workbench

To display a ribbon button using work bench in MS Dynamics CRM only when an existing record is loaded and not on new one. In this example I will be creating a button and calling a html web resource by … Read More

Date time format issue in CRM 2015 when using oData SDK.JQuery.retrieveRecordSync

When retrieving data in CRM using JQuery datetime comes back in int format with some back/forward slash. Below is sample script how to remove back clash and forward slash and then covert to proper date time. Once converted we can compare … Read More

assembly must be registered in isolation crm 2015

Error when importing a solution from one environment to an other environment in CRM 2015 or CRM 2013 assembly must be registered in isolation This usually occurs if you are not added to administrator list in Deployment manager tool on server. … Read More

How to prevent a record to be created in a plugin?

Let’s say we have a situation where we create a record by running a workflow ‘ABCWorkflow’ but we want to check some kind of criteria/conditions and if it meets that criteria then create that record otherwise cancel transaction. Unfortunately in … Read More

How transaction works in Dynamics CRM Aysnc Plugin

We know that Sync plugin in CRM executes with in the pipeline’s transaction and if we need to cancel whole transaction we can throw an exception and whole transaction will roll back. However in Async is a different story. What … Read More

CRM custom workflow activity version

A short explanation about custom workflow activity version in CRM 2015 Each assembly has a verison i.e. MMBR (Major, Minor, Build, Revision)Let’s say we have a custom workflow activity which is in production environment and we need to make some … Read More