Getting started with power apps portal and power pages

How to get started with new Power Pages If you are looking to create a new Power pages then you are at the right place. First thing, you need to go to following URL to get started (make sure you … Read More

Logic Apps For Each loop getting attribute value

Let’s say we have a logic app which gets some data in JSON and some of the data is in array{“Name”: “TestAPP”,”Detectors”: [{“@objectType”: “Detector”,”Name”: “”,”DetectorType”: {“@objectType”: “DetectorType”,”Name”: “Smoke”},”DetectorExpiryDate”: “2024-10-14T10:36:00″,”DetectorResults”: {“@objectType”: “PassFail”,”Name”: “Pass”},”DetectorLocation”: {“@objectType”: “Position”,”Name”: “Hall”}}]} In this example we have … Read More

How to add a new categories (subjects) in retail portal – Adxstudio

First thing need to do is, create a subject (go to Settings>Business Management>Subjects) Select Product in the Subject Tree Grid, then Click on ‘Add a Subject’ and then Add Then go to Portals> Web Pages> +NEW Add page name and … Read More

adxstudio unable to parse server response

Error while trying to upload a file via Adxstudio portal ‘unable to parse server response‘ This error usually occurs if you don’t have ‘Adxstudio Productivity Pack’ is not installed. To install above package, go to Solutions, Adxstudio Installer and look … Read More

Adxsstudio upload files button is disabled

You might come across an issue when trying to upload an image/web file via portal. This is due to Web Page Access Control Rules on a web role. To make this work, go to one of the web role i.e. … Read More