How to generate proxy from wsdl

How to generate proxy from wsdl There are several ways of generating a proxy from WSDL in C# however one below might help 1) First get wsdl file (abc.cs)2) Run the command below using Command Prompt wsdl /l:cs /protocol:SOAP /o:C:\Development\WSDL\Reference.cs … Read More

Creating a WCF service to use with CRM HTML web resource

In this example we are going to create a WCF service which will be later consumed using HTML web resource (AJAX call) in CRM 2015/2013. First we need to create a simple Class library project in Visual Studio 2013. Give … Read More

CRM Call WCF Service in HTML Web Resource using AJAX

Recently I have worked on arequirement where I had to write a service which was going to be used by different clients and had to call same service using HTML web resource in CRM 2015.To achieve this first of all … Read More

wcf service wsdl domain name

When creating a new WCF and hosting locally or dev/prod server you might come across an issue where WSDL will display a URL with computer/local name which is different to URL of service Fro example actual URL might be And … Read More