MS Dynamics CRM

CRM 2011 get List of all Organizations and get url from organization details collection

CRM 2011 get List of all Organizations and get url from organization details collectionHow to get URL from list of organisations when getting data back from OrganizationDetailCollection Method to get list of OrganizationDetailCollectionpublic static OrganizationDetailCollection GetOrganizations(){string url = CrmServerConnection.GetMSCRMServerUrl(); if … Read More

CRM Difference between managed and unmanaged solution

Main differences between unmanaged solution and managed solution in MS Dynamics CRM Unmanaged Solution and managed solution In unmanaged solutions we can create components and customise as we want to where in managed we can restrict things Unmanaged solutions usually … Read More

Get OptionSet value and set OptionSet value in CRM 2015 Plugin

Below is an explanation how to get a value and label of an OptionSet field and set a value of an OptionSet field on the basis of lable in CRM 2015/2013 plugin. Let’s say we had two fields on our … Read More

Dynamics 365 call workflow from c# (in code)

Let’s suppose you have a requirement to run a workflow on several records, so rather than going through selecting multiple records and running workflows, we can do this by calling workflow in code Below is a sample code where we … Read More

Open Close as Won dialogue with JavaScript on Opportunity

You might come across a requirement where you wan to open Close as Won or Close as Lost dialogue when user gets to last stage of business process flow on Opportunity form. Out of the box button (‘Close as Won’) … Read More

CRM 4 Javascript Error: A currency is required if a value exists in a money field

How to use money type of attribute as a lookup in CRM 4.0 Sometimes we need to load a value in an attribute of type money on CRM form using JavasScript Usually we can use script below to assign values … Read More

How to create a new plugin in MS Dynamics CRM 4.0

How to create a plugin in MS CRM 4 and deploy In this tutorial we will be using MS Visual Studio 2013 to create a plugin using C# and deploy it to CRM 4. We want create a plugin which … Read More

Creating a WCF service to use with CRM HTML web resource

In this example we are going to create a WCF service which will be later consumed using HTML web resource (AJAX call) in CRM 2015/2013. First we need to create a simple Class library project in Visual Studio 2013. Give … Read More

CRM Call WCF Service in HTML Web Resource using AJAX

Recently I have worked on arequirement where I had to write a service which was going to be used by different clients and had to call same service using HTML web resource in CRM 2015.To achieve this first of all … Read More

Get guid entity id in crm 2015 url

It was easy to get Guid Id of a record on form as it was being displayed in URL however in CRM 2013/2015 it does not. Sometimes we need an id of record from URL so below is a simple … Read More